True Wild Life | Binturong | The binturong is also commonly called the Asian bearcat. The binturong is native to the jungles of south-east Asia and is commonly found in countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. The binturong is a large carnivorous mammal that has a long bushy tail and hunts small reptiles, birds and mammals. The main part of the modern binturong's diet surprisingly comprises of fruit! The binturong is generally about the size of a large dog and have been known to live to 26 years old in captivity. The binturong population numbers have been severely reduced due to deforestation today.

The binturong is a nocturnal animal and the binturong sleeps on tree branches during the day, then the binturong wakes up to search for food at night. When the binturong has been cornered, the binturong has been known to be vicious, although the binturong does not commonly pose a threat to humans. The binturong is a very vocal animal and the binturong's sounds can travel a long way through the thick jungles. The binturong is known to make chuckling sounds when the binturong seems to be happy and the binturong appears to utter a high-pitched wail if the binturong seems to be annoyed.

 The binturong climbs trees and leaps from branch to branch, with the binturong using its tail and claws to cling on. The binturong does this while searching for food. The binturong is also able to rotate its hind legs backwards so that the binturong's claws still have a grip when climbing down a tree head first. The binturong also uses its tail to communicate as well as climbing, and the binturong does this through the scent gland located under the binturong's tail. The binturong brushes its tail against trees and the binturong howls to announce its presence to other binturongs.
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