Cheetahs, dangerous animals with great speed

The most beautiful dangerous fastest animal on earth the great cheetah

Cheetahs hunting is breathtaking and the prey is shared
Cheetahs have made names in different spheres of the wild. There are so many amazing stories about cheetahs hunting prey and a lot of cheetah attacking prey videos in the wild and very cute cheetah babies pictures which have been taken to show just a glimpse about cheetahs in their natural habitat and some of the cheetah as pets in captivity. Why do cheetahs have a very small face? Does it have got to do with anything about the cheetah’s habitat or is it just one of the cheetah’s hunting qualities which are necessary for the cheetah to hunt properly in the African plains and in the wild as a whole? Does it give them any advantage as being the fastest animal in the world? How many people have managed to see a cheetah running? While the cheetah is one of the secretive animals in the African savannah very few people or animal safari tourist have managed to see the cheetah hunting a zebra or the cheetah attacking a wildebeest migration animal? The African safari tourist always find good opportunities while they are on some of the most amazing African safari to Kenya and South Africa to experience the cheetah habitat with all its herd in action. Do people really know that the cheetah is an endangered species? When did it become endangered? How can such the fastest animal in the wild be endangered? These are some of the cheetah facts and the most frequently asked questions about cheetahs. With all the exploitation of animal body parts and cheetahs skin, these are just some of the tings about the cheetah which has made it become vulnerable but with all the efforts being in terms of cheetah conservation and the different global efforts of cheetah protection non the wild, its all being done by the people who make endless trips to these cheetahs habitat and bring the cheetah to their living rooms with captivating pictures and videos about the plight of the cheetahs in the African savannah and the world at large.

When you see a cheetah jumping or any cheetah attacks, you will just know that the cheetah is the wild is the king of speed. Cheetah (acinonyx jubatus) is the fastest animal in the world. Among the big cat family as far as the African Savannah cats are concerned and such as the African lion the Asian tiger the leopard and the cougar and the American ions with the Black Panther family, the cheetah is king as far as running and hunting predators the quickest concerned. The cheetah is just one amazing African savannah animals you can ever think of on land in the big cat family (felidae). As a matter of fact many of these beautiful cheetahs are found in the Africa Savannah habitat in countries mainly Kenya Uganda Tanzania Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa and a few numbers of cheetahs are also found in the Middle East. One great animal fact about the cheetah is that the cheetah has mighty stealth and power. With all the marks on the cheetah which makes the cheetah to blend in with the cheetah’s habitat, many animals in the African plains are always attacked within a split of a second as they can not always out run a cheetah when the cheetah means business. The cheetah as one of the most beautiful dangerous animals of the African Savannah can stalk their prey such as impalas, antelopes, gazelles for long distances along the beautiful African plains with a chase which sometimes ends up to be fruitless. In the animal kingdom all animals of prey are always attacked by bigger predators but sometimes the big animals attack small animals to compensate their diet when there is no food or if an animal just presents itself and the predator gets the opportunity to attack and hunt the animal down. As far as the cheetahs concerned, when cheetahs attack other animals for food, the amazing fact about cheetahs is that when they  catching their prey most of the time tend to hide it on top trees away from other animals.

Cheetah;s face with beautiful tear marks of the cheetah's face
The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. People always wonder as to why is the cheetah always crying with all the cheetah tear marks on the cheetah’s face? What are the true secrets of the cheetahs tear marks? According to the cheetah’s animal experts the cheetah tear marks helps in reducing the reflection of the sun from the cheetahs skin which helps the cheetah to see very far in search of prey and to absorb any light which might be on the cheetahs face. If that’s the fact about the cheetah’s tear marks, I bet the cheetah just might have a better explanation as to why it got the tear marks in the first place. These beautiful most talented runners of the African jungle can reach a top speed of around 113 km per hour. In fact a cheetah which is in good shape can  accelerate from 0 to 113 km in just a few seconds and if you are part of the cheetahs menu then you just don't have a chance to live another day in the African wilderness.
Cheetahs scouting for long distans animal attacks on the tree

In many of the African animal safari videos you always find cheetahs running for their pray but since cheetahs  are extremely fast however they tire quickly and can only keep up their top speed for a few minutes before they are too tired to continue. Cheetahs are smaller than other members of the big cat family such as the tiger, the lion, the puma and the leopard, weighing only about 45 – 60 kilograms. Where actually would you be able to see the cheetahs running and jumping upon their prey other than in places such as the Masai Mara national park in Kenya, Masai Mara Serengeti in Tanzania and at Kruger National Park in South Africa.

cheetahs just as the leopard Africas big catspopulation
has been decreased with few new born cheetah

Is it easy to differentiate between an African elephant and an Indian elephant? How about finding the difference between an African leopard and the African cheetah? These two African animals look alike. There are just a few distinction between the cheetah and the leopard. Even when the leopard cubs and the cheetah cubs are in one habitat, there are some few body parts of the cheetah which someone can be able to distinguish between these two dangerous cats of Africa.

The best way of knowing a cheetah from a leopard or a tiger is by the cheetah’s coat or the cheetah’s skin. The cheetah can be easily identified by the long, black lines which run from the inside of each of the cheetah's eye to the mouth of the cheetah. When you have a close up of the cheetah’s face you might just be able to see these vivid parks on the cheetahs face.

Do people really know that there is a lot of information about the wild animals of Africa which people still don’t understand well, these are some of the myths of cheetahs and are usually called “cheetah tear lines”. As far as cheetahs and scientists are concerned about this cheetah myth, scientist believes that these cheetah tear lines do help protect the cheetah’s eyes from the harsh sun along the great plains of Africa. In order to survive in the African Savannah lands, the cheetahs great sharp eyes are the ones which make the cheetah have an edge as having a good eyesight in the wild will always guarantee an animal to hunt and to survive in the jungle and the dangerous forest of Africa from all the natural predators by being aware of the dangerous animals in the cheetah’s habitat and spotting animals to ensure a meal by the end of the day.

While many animals make different sounds to communicate, the African lions roar is as distinct in the whole African savannah habitat. Not having this communication ability just like the lion, one amazing fact about the cheetah among all the cat family is the only animal which cannot roar. Cheetahs can purr just like any other cat. In fact cheetahs purr loudly when they are grooming or sitting near other cheetahs. While lions and leopards usually do their hunting at night, cheetahs hunt for food during the day.

The African savannah has a lot of animals, beautiful animals and dangerous animals as well. This African savannah habitat has a lot of animal competition and animal migration for better natural habitat and feeding grounds and hence communication and protection of the animal territory is always of the greatest essence. While in the jungle and the African Great Lakes Mountains and rivers, survival if for the fittest as far as the wildlife and ecosystem of the African wild savannah is concerned. Animal instincts are what these animals need to use all the time.  An animal must have the wits to survive and a cheetah is not exception as far as cheetah’s predators are concerned. As one of the most blessed animal with very good eyesight, the amazing cheetah has an advantage over the other wild animals of Africa. 

With an amazing eyesight during the day cheetahs can spot their prey in the African plains from about 5 km away while on the other hand cheetahs have poor night vision. Does it mean that they can not see? Well cheetahs also depend on the hearing to stay away from danger. The cheetahs sense of smell is also good hence that makes the cheetah somehow al all rounded animal as well but not as compared to other animals which can hunt both at night and during the day such as the African lion.

How much does a Doberman weigh? How about the exact length and height of the Doberman? For all those people who have never seen a cheetah, well the cheetah is almost the same height as a Doberman and the looks are almost the same but there are many differences as well. Doberman have great speed and so is the African cheetah, Doberman have a slender body and the same applies to the fastest animal on land.  The cheetah’s body is light weight. At the same time as far as the cheetah’s claws are concerned, they are blunt. This makes the cheetah a very good runner but on the other hand the absence of not having sharp clays means the cheetah doesn't use much of its claws like many of the cat families which use their cats to fight and defend themselves as well.

It’s a very amazing fact about cheetah’s that these beautiful dangerous African cheetahs are not well designed to protect themselves or their prey. When a larger or more aggressive animal approaches a cheetah in the wild, sometimes the cheetah after all the hunting and schussing of prey for a long distance will give up its catch to avoid a fight with the other dangerous animals in the wild and many animal videos and beautiful pictures of people on safari have managed to capture these beautiful moments where the cheetah is not able to protect its food and it has to go hunting once again. I guess the cheetah always has the stamina to fend for its family whenever there is need with all the bounty if wildlife in the African jungles.
Cheetahs only need to drink once every three to four days unlike the lion which will be seen next to the water holes lakes and rivers waiting to hunt the next animal coming to drink water in the habitat. This is the time when you find many great 

While many animals make different sounds to communicate, the africanlions roar is as disctinct in the whole african savannah. Not having this comunication ability just like the lion, a cheetah among all the cat family is the only animal  which cannot roar. Cheetahs can  purr just like any other cat. Infact cheetahs purr  loudly when they are grooming or sitting near other cheetahs. While lions and leopards usually do their hunting at night, cheetahs hunt for food during the day.

While in the jungle and the African great lakes mountains and rivers, survival if for the fittest. An animal must have the wits to survive and a cheetahis not exeption. With an amazing  eyesight during the day cheetahs can spot their prey from about 5 km away while on the other hand cheetahs  have poor night vision.

With their light body weight and blunt claws, cheetahs are not well designed to protect themselves or their prey. When a larger or more aggressive animal approaches a cheetah in the wild, it will give up its catch to avoid a fight.
Cheetahs only need to drink once every three to four days. Many  great animal pictures are taken while the cheetah is in the wild with other wild animals as well.

Atired cheetah after chassing a prey going back home in the
African Savannah jungles where prey is sometimes hard

The illegal animal poaching in many of the cheetah habitat where these beautiful animals are found is decreasing the cheetah’s population. With many of the wild animals on the brink of being endangered, cheetahs are endangered specie as well.  Just Like all big cat, spotted and striped cats, many people have been hunting cheetahs for ages. The cheetah’s fur has been used in making different items and as a result the cheetah population has decreased due to the fur trade. Poaching of cheetahs especially in Africa and many of the most beautiful African animal-hunting is not the principle problem facing cheetahs as well. 

Leopards and Cheetahs tend to have this resting position
having a great spot to look for the next animal to kill

Are all the animals in Africa endangered or is it a general norm that all cheetahs whether in the Alps or in Mexico are endangered. While on the other hand, with an increase in the world’s population, the breeding grounds of cheetahs and the cheetah’s natural habitat has always been compromised with other animals such as the lions, the wild dogs and leopards as well.  The Maasai tribe in the African savannah of Africa and mainly the Maasai tribes of Kenya and Tanzania have lived a pastoralist life where these big and small African savannah cats dwell. Despite the fact that the Maasai have lived with these wild animals for ages, the modern farming methods and scarcity of revenue has diverted the attention of conservation of the cheetah while at the same time compromising the animal habitat and ecosystem found in the African savannah.
Many of the African farmers have been at war with cheetahs as they keep on attacking their cattle and other people in their habitat. With the onset of inbreeding and loss of genetic variation within the cheetah’s family, this is just one other reason why cheetahs are on the decrease and being considered endangered.

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